Tailored support

Our clients vary from start-ups to multinationals and include NGOs, sector organisations and local and government authorities. They have differing needs and we therefore provide tailored support. What we do depends on your issues, your wishes and your budget:


  • monitoring the news from The Hague, politics
  • administrative Netherlands and society
  • summing up and implementing a suitable lobbying strategy and providing relevant consultancy
  • developing and implementing a strategy for realising acceptance of your plans
  • providing consultancy for strategic positioning and repositioning
  • creating messages, frames and lines of argumentation
  • drawing up, organising and preparing meetings with officials and regulatory bodies, Members of the House of Representatives and other relevant decision-makers and stakeholders
  • advising on how to cope with political decision-makers and how to prepare for hearings, round-table discussions and inquiries in the House of Representatives
  • setting agendas, including the use of media