Real Estate

IvCB Real Estate provides strategic advice to national and international real estate companies and investors on issues at the intersection of public affairs, stakeholder and reputation management. We help companies with their complex issues and represent their interests towards politics, government and authorities. On a national, regional and local level. Where necessary, we help them in their media relations.

The Dutch government and politicians want to get a better grip on the turbulent real estate market, resulting in a clutter of plans, action agendas, and new legislation. Many companies in the sector yearn for insight and clarity. IvCB Real Estate supports its clients in successfully navigating through all the policy initiatives and plans and finding a way through the complex political and media climate. We help make the right choices and use concrete actions to capitalize on opportunities and deflect threats. In doing so, we leverage our industry experience, network and effective approach.

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The Social Hub is committed to social impact by operating a hybrid hotel concept and bringing different people together in communities. This contributes to their well-being. IvCB understands who we are, what we want and what we dream of. Their brainpower, creativity and problem-solving skills help us find support to effectively implement our ideas and realize our goals.

Charlie McGregor
Founder and CEO of The Social Hub