Organisations in health and life sciences are subject to considerable pressure to comply with strict operational requirements and complex legislation. Furthermore, social pressure to reform and care buyers’ intensified purchasing policies present new challenges. We provide insight into the political and social force fields and help organisations such as hospitals, mental health institutions and pharmaceutical and MedTech businesses make their voice heard.

Prevention, treatment and care are priority issues for national authorities and players in the market. Also important are keeping control of rising care expenditure as a result of, among other things, the ageing of the population and increased life expectancy. Many interests play a part in these concerns. We carefully map out the force field for each issue.

Our experts have thorough knowledge of the sector and help you to resolve complex issues, whether these concern market access, socially responsible entrepreneurship, purchasing, contracting or social pressure. We provide insight into the interaction between interests and use our creativity to constructively influence opinions and decisions.

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Regulated markets require an adapted commercial approach. Its extensive knowledge of the care sector has enabled IvCB to offer us insight into relevant scenarios and social, political and economic trends and developments, as well as the impact they have on us. By acting as a strategic partner in assessing our opportunities and risks, IvCB has helped us make our strategic choices for the future.

Remko Berkel, Country Director Specsavers Netherlands