Financial legislation and regulations in the Netherlands and Europe are constantly changing. We help organisations varying from quoted banks and insurance companies to e-commerce businesses and small start-ups to anticipate these changes, influence decision-making and create social acceptance.

Our Finance Team consists of experienced professionals with considerable knowledge and know-how regarding the sector; professionals who know that social compliance is becoming increasingly important and keep an eye on what standards society is applying.

We help you build a bridge between your business and the public sector. Thanks to an influential network that includes Brussels, Frankfurt and Washington we can optimally promote your interests and respond quickly to current events. This is important, because a constructive relationship with the authorities and the trust of society give your business more scope for growth and innovation.

Selected references:

As a technology business in the financial sector, Mastercard connects individuals, businesses and organisations, and in doing so creates opportunities for everybody all over the world. This is a complex and dynamic sector in which Mastercard sets high standards for its staff and its service providers. IvCB’s structured and thorough working method during our intensive collaboration has turned out to be highly valuable. Thanks to its extensive knowledge and network, IvCB has been able to advise us both actively and proactively in guaranteeing Mastercard’s political-social interests in the Netherlands.

Vincent Richir, Vice President Public Policy Europe Mastercard