Digital Economy

A great deal of legislation and regulation in the digital economy has been lagging behind the rapid digital innovations of recent years. For many players in the digital economy this raises difficult questions concerning matters such as labour market policy, taxes, competition regulations, consumer protection and dealing with trade unions. We give strategic advice about these to organisations such as technology companies, platform economies and e-commerce businesses, and support them with respect to issues involving public affairs and the management of stakeholders and reputations.

A good story alone is not enough when it comes to taking advantage of opportunities and effectively tackling risks. Without the right timing, the chance of success is very limited. With smart stakeholder management and a good communication strategy we can ensure that you make friends before you need them.

We have years of experience in promoting public interests at European, national, regional and local levels. We are also part of an influential international network that includes, among other places, Berlin, Brussels, Frankfurt, London, Paris and Washington, a network that provides you with best practices and quickly keeps you up to date with relevant current information.

Selected references:

As one of the oldest shared car companies in the Netherlands, Greenwheels likes to position itself as a constructive knowledge partner of governments to anchor the growth of shared cars in policy. The cooperation with IvCB has proved valuable in designing and implementing our political advocacy, strengthening our position of influence and building lasting relationships. Both at national and local levels. IvCB’s approach is to connect with stakeholders’ agenda and interests. This approach has proved successful because stakeholders are more receptive to our message and willing to take action.

Andrew Berkhout
Managing Director Greenwheels