Stakeholder management

IvCB helps you to gain support for realising your ideas and justifying your license to operate and grow.

In order to be able to implement your plans, support of relevant stakeholders is needed. Such political support is vital for the implementation of your plans, for example expanding a production location, bringing a new product to the market, or carrying out a merger or takeover. This also applies to building a new infrastructure or other large spatial planning projects. Obtaining support is essential and doesn’t come for free. Your organisations needs to show its social relevance and its added value to get a license to grow or license to settle.

IvCB understands better than anyone else that every organisation is unique. That’s why your organisation deserves a custom-built solution: a stakeholder management process that is given shape by our structured approach to your particular case.

What can IvCB do for you?

  • Being a sparring partner for organisations in developing or tightening up stakeholder management strategy and policy;
  • Mapping and analysing your relevant stakeholders, as well as their interests, objectives and issues;
  • Developing ways to align your organisation with the stakeholders’ interests, in addition to formulating messages, frames and lines of argument;
  • Creating and implementing an effective stakeholder management process and making recommendations concerning it;
  • Co-ordinating all your stakeholder management activities;
  • Carrying out reputation-equity and stakeholder engagement programmes;
  • Generating directed media attention;
  • Strengthening your legitimacy and reputation;
  • Monitoring services focusing on political decision-making, civil society and management circles in the Netherlands.

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