IvCB Public Services

IvCB Public Services supports the public sector and NGOs in promoting their interests.

IvCB Public Services supports municipalities, provinces, NDPBs, management partnerships, water authorities, corporations and NGOs in promoting their interests. These interests can include obtaining subsidies, gaining access to funds from infrastructure programmes and issues concerning new regulations and legislation.

Simply presenting the facts isn’t sufficient for getting the optimal result. Not having the right timing, knowledge of political processes and procedures or a good network in The Hague severely limits the chances of success. The professionals at IvCB Public Services have access to a close-knit official and political network, as well as years of experience in promoting a wide range of public interests at national, regional and local levels and a great deal of knowledge in the fields of nature, aviation, spatial planning and the economy.  By using stakeholder and issue analysis, engagement strategies and a coordinated approach, we assist organisations in gathering support for, for example, realising large-scale area development projects or implementing extensive policy programmes.

We are also often brought in to help improve the political management sensitivity of organisations. We offer various programmes for achieving this, in which we link scientific insights to practical issues. We let participants who are involved in their day-to-day work with developing and implementing policies experience the importance of political management sensitivity and provide them with practical tools that increase the impact of their work.

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