Public Affairs

IvCB actively supports you in influencing the decision-making process and enhances the position of your
organisation in the Dutch political and governmental arena.

Decision-making on European, national or even more local levels, can have a major impact on your organisation. Politic decisions provide opportunities, for example when public contracts are issued, but can also result in threats and challenges if regulations are tightened or investment decisions are under pressure. In these cases it is important to actively manage and promote your interests through a long-term public affairs programme or a dedicated lobbying strategy.

We help you to engage in constructive dialogues with politicians and other stakeholders to influence the political agenda. With the right message delivered to the right person at the right time. At IvCB, we can rely on our industry expertise, thorough knowledge of decision-making processes, our wide experience in public affairs, and our extensive network in politics, government, media, civil society and the business world that enable us to develop effective strategies for your organisation.

What can IvCB do for you?

  • Being a sparring partner for organisations, on management- and boardroom-level assisting in the development of public affairs goals and strategies;
  • Creation and implementation of a public affairs and lobbying strategies that entail political landscape analysis, outreach campaigns and reputation-equity programmes;
  • Messaging-development including frames and lines of argument;
  • Planning, organisation and preparation of meetings with civil servants and regulatory authorities, members of the House of Representatives and other relevant decision-makers;
  • Providing political briefings, preparation of hearings, round table meetings and inquiries in the House of Representatives;
  • Setting agendas, possibly involving the media.
  • Monitoring services focusing on political decision-making, civil society and management circles in the Netherlands.

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