The city of Helmond wants to lobby more effectively


The challenge

Local governments have to address issues in all sorts of areas and therefore have to hold meetings with diverse stakeholders, from local interest groups to central government. The city of Helmond wanted to make its civil servants better able to represent its interests and those of its residents in meetings and negotiations with other organisations.

IvCB’s approach

An interactive public affairs training course was set up with IvCB. This mixed theoretical knowledge about decision-making processes with the practical experience of the IvCB trainers in the field of lobbying and public affairs, as well as using the media and setting up coalitions. The participants were also given insights into successful campaigns: why is one municipal or regional government’s lobbying successful and another’s not? The participants were able to start practising immediately on creating strategies, developing messages and forming coalitions.

The result for the client

The training course enabled civil servants in Helmond to better represent the interests of the municipality and those of its residents. They now know the theoretical aspects as well as how unmanageable things can be put in practice. As a result they are able to meet every challenge confidently and with the right tools.