Strengthening the position


The challenge

The Institute of Internal Auditors (the IIA) is the largest professional association for internal auditors in the Netherlands. Internal auditors play a crucial role within organisations in managing risks and in raising the quality of products, services and processes to a higher level. The pressures they come under and the interests they have to serve are large. The IIA wants to give its members tools for coping with these interests and pressures and for enabling them to shine a light on the importance of internal auditing.

IvCB’s approach

IvCB and the IIA organised a two-day interactive workshop for a group of internal auditors. This applied IvCB’s knowledge of complex environments and decision-making processes to the day-to-day work of internal auditors: how could internal auditors under great pressure in highly-dynamic environments convey their findings and proposals effectively? Furthermore, how could they make people more aware of the value they add to their organisations? These questions were answered in discussions about the profession and its significance for organisations, by sharing experiences and means of operating within complex and dynamic playing fields, and by practising the converting of knowledge and ideas into actions.

The result for the client

Thanks to the workshop, the participants gained a broad range of tools with which they can strengthen their position and that of their profession within their respective organisations. Putting these tools and ways of thinking into practice immediately and evaluating them enabled them to internalise them as well. IIA as well as the participants were able to look back on a successful and extremely instructive programme.