Getting stakeholders’ awareness


The challenge

The Federation for the Conservation of Monuments (FIM), as a new sector association, wanted to map out its members’ interests, but its unfamiliarity was an obstacle. It wanted to be a point of contact for all relevant decision-makers and influential parties in the field of the preservation of monuments.

IvCB’s approach

IvCB mapped the FIM’s major stakeholders in detail. The way of making a natural connection with these stakeholders was looked into in order to create a reason for a meeting. A position paper showing the positions of the FIM and its aims was developed in parallel with this. Stakeholder meetings were thoroughly prepared, held and followed up.

The result for the client

The FIM changed from being an unknown entity to occupying a top-of-mind position, and thereby became a respected discussion partner for politicians and the authorities. Furthermore, the FIM brought its message to people’s attention in an effective way, and it is now consulted on all matters that are relevant to its field of activity.