From black hole to shining example for industry


The challenge

In the perception of the general public, Aluchemie was’the black hole of the Botlek’. This originated at a time when there actually was black smoke coming out of its chimneys. However, hypermodern fume treatment plants have made this very much a thing of the past. Aluchemie would very much benefit from a change in the the public’s perception, because it has a negative impact on it in its day-to-day operations and on attracting new talent. There has been no real engagement with stakeholders for a very long time.

IvCB’s approach

The stakeholders and the issues (including the potential issues) were mapped out based on a thorough analysis, which led to a stakeholder calendar for a continuous dialogue. Aluchemie’s story was put together with the management and tailored to individual stakeholders. The managing director was helped to prepare for the discussions. In addition to the discussions with the stakeholders, IvCB made sure that Aluchemie’s voice was heard via the media in the public debate.

The result for the client

Aluchemie increased its visibility, acceptance and profile as a result of the dialogue with stakeholders and the media attention it received. In her address during the official commissioning of the hypermodern fume treatment plant, the Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment described Aluchemie as a leading example of sustainability for the industry.