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National and local advocacy for Greenwheels


IvCB supports car-sharing organisation Greenwheels in national and local advocacy for several years.

The challenge

As car-sharing is experiencing strong growth and has the attention of the central government and municipalities, the oldest car-sharing company in the Netherlands wants to strengthen its position of influence. The company asks us for advice and guidance on advocacy, with a particular focus on the municipal elections.

IvCB’s approach

First, we do a comprehensive stakeholder analysis, focusing on political, official and social stakeholders nationwide and in around 40 municipalities. Following this, we develop a lobbying strategy. The goal: to put car-sharing and Greenwheels firmly on the map and position the company as a constructive knowledge partner of the government. We also support implementation. With position papers, catchy stories and concise messages, we attract attention. In addition, we monitor new developments and respond to consultations from civil society organisations and the government. This is how we manage to realise various successful coalitions.

In the run-up to the municipal elections, we distribute a lobby letter to influence municipal policy on car sharing, parking and electrification. We share this letter with key political parties, political leaders, election programme committees, interest groups, sector associations and knowledge institutes. Greenwheels also holds various talks with local politicians in the run-up to the elections, during which we advise them substantively and strategically.

The result for the client

The local and national lobbying works out positively for Greenwheels, resulting in policy and financial benefits and averting considerable disadvantage. In the municipal elections, the lobby input ends up in many party manifestos, resulting in favourable municipal policies.

As one of the oldest shared car companies in the Netherlands, Greenwheels likes to position itself as a constructive knowledge partner of governments to anchor the growth of shared cars in policy. The cooperation with IvCB has proved valuable in designing and implementing our political advocacy, strengthening our position of influence and building lasting relationships. Both at national and local levels. IvCB’s approach is to connect with stakeholders’ agenda and interests. This approach has proved successful because stakeholders are more receptive to our message and willing to take action.

Andrew Berkhout, Managing Director Greenwheels

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IvCB is an independent firm and is not part of the FTI Consulting Group of companies. FTI Consulting is not responsible for the acts and omissions of IvCB.

IvCB is an independent firm and is not part of the FTI Consulting Group of companies. FTI Consulting is not responsible for the acts and omissions of IvCB.

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