Market Entry

IvCB helps you assess and take on political and societal risks to realize your full market potential in the Netherlands.

For companies that consider starting activities in the Netherlands, we offer comprehensive market entry support. We assess political and societal risks and opportunities, provide support and offer intelligence about the competitive landscape, your industry competitors and potential partners. If desired, we develop engagement strategies and perform targeted monitoring on your chosen issues.
Public opinion and a companies’ contribution to society have in recent years gained increasing importance. Brexit is a prime example of the effect public opinion can have on political decision-making. Simultaneously, we see that politicians and investors alike consider a company’s contribution to wider society when making key decisions.

Brexit and the relocation of the European Medicine Authority (EMA) to Amsterdam make the Netherlands a particularly interesting business location for pharmaceutical companies. With our years of experience and thorough knowledge of the sector we can help you make a soft landing in the Netherlands. However, there are more reasons for companies from several sectors to start activities in the Netherlands as we see nowadays. The Netherlands is a stable and trusted partner within the European Union with strong economic performances and an excellent logistic and educational infrastructure.

Our services include:

  • Extensive market entry analysis
    We provide up-to-date, customized information on the Netherlands in general, analyses of political discourse and corresponding risks and opportunities that may impact your business in the future, relevant business locations, the political dimension of Dutch labour market conditions and unions, governmental incentives and many other topics.
  • Public policy advise & positioning strategies
    IvCB actively supports you in influencing the decision-making process and enhances the position of your organisation in the Dutch political and governmental arena. We help you to actively manage and promote your interests through a public affairs programme or a dedicated lobbying strategy.
  • CEO briefings
    We quickly bring you up to speed and provide you with the nuances you need for making the best decisions for your company. We are a sparring partner for organisations, on management- and boardroom-level assisting in the development of public affairs/policy goals and strategies.
  • Practical support in outreach and engagement
    We help you to plan, organise and prepare for meetings with civil servants and regulatory authorities, members of the House of Representatives and other relevant decision-makers. We help you to engage in constructive dialogues to put your issue on the political agenda. With the right message delivered to the right person at the right time.
  • Monitoring and follow-up support
    We offer monitoring services focusing on political decision-making, civil society and management circles in the Netherlands. If desired, we provide follow-up support and help you implement your public policy plan.

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Throughout the years, IvCB has supported many companies from all over the world – including Amazon, Tesla, GW Pharmaceuticals, Vertex, Chiesi, Interface and several private equity parties – to make well informed decisions and to successfully establish or expand their business in the Netherlands. IvCB is your first port of call, connecting you with a broad network of business partners and decision-makers to facilitate your international expansion.

At IvCB, we can rely on our industry expertise, thorough knowledge of decision-making processes, our wide experience in public affairs, and our extensive network in politics, government, media, civil society and the business world that enable us to develop effective strategies for your organisation. We have extensive experience with clients ranging from sectors such as digital economy, IT, agrifood, automotive and renewable energy, to life sciences & health and other sectors.