IvCB Healthcare

IvCB Healthcare has years of experience with dealing with varied complex and strategic issues in the healthcare & life sciences industry.

IvCB Healthcare focuses entirely on the care and life sciences market. We have years of experience with varied complex and strategic tasks and are thoroughly familiar with the market sector and its players. We have successfully completed a large number of commissions for our clients in recent years.

Parties in the care sector are being ever more challenged by requirements at operational and legislative levels, along with the associated increased risks in the area of compliance. Furthermore, the pressure from society to reform, the demand for transparency concerning price and quality, as well as care buyers’ more stringent purchasing policies, are presenting new challenges. Prevention, treatment (including personalised treatment) and care, sickness management and improving the mental and physical quality of life are priority items for national authorities and for players in the market. Comparable issues are managing increasing care expenditure as a result of, among other things, the greying of the population and at the same time the increase in life expectancy.

Care providers, hospitals, pharmacies, medical technology companies, professional groups, specialist medical companies, mental healthcare establishments, investors in care, umbrella care organisations, health funds, patient organisations and many others come to us for solutions to their problems. These problems arise in areas such as market access, reimbursement issues and reimbursed care packages, positioning and coverage, changes to regulations and legislation, purchasing, contracting and social pressure.

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