IvCB Finance

IvCB Finance provides financial establishments with strategic advice concerning regulations and legislation as well as social profiling.

IvCB Finance provides strategic advice to companies concerning regulations and legislation as well as social profiling in the financial world.  From banks, insurance companies, asset management companies, e-commerce companies and pension funds quoted on the stock exchange to challengers and small start-ups, enabling them to carry out their business activities (including potential activities) in an optimal manner. A company’s legal framework should not present an obstacle, but instead should offer opportunities. You will be aware of the pending regulations and legislation in the field of governance as well as the national implementation of European legislation such as the anti-money laundering directive or the latest IORP directive. With our support you will be certain of receiving a structured, result-oriented and tested approach that will provide the best possible representation of your interests. As a Gold Affiliate partner of FTI Consulting we have access to an influential network in places including Brussels, Frankfurt and Washington, which means that we can respond to your needs very quickly.

The IvCB Finance team consists of specialists whose knowledge and experience were gained in the financial world. They are professionals who know that things can be explained logically but are not always understood or appreciated immediately by the general public or by stakeholders. IvCB Finance’s activities support your core activities, which are always at the focus. We help build a bridge between your business and the public sector. A constructive, professional relationship with the authorities and the trust of society will give your business a greater support base for innovation and room for growth.

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