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Digital Economy

IvCB Digital Economy

IvCB Digital Economy supports the interests of technology companies.

IvCB Digital Economy provides strategic advice to national and international businesses, including technology companies, in the fields of public affairs and the management of stakeholders and reputations. We help businesses with their strategic affairs and promote their interests in the areas of politics, government and official bodies. We do this at national and regional levels, as well as locally.

We have extensive experience in advising technology companies, online platforms, e-commerce businesses, the fintech and medtech sector, streaming services, the sharing economy, search engines and other digital providers who are involved in areas such as big data, e-privacy, blockchain, data tracking, AI, telecommunications, 5G, smart mobility, algorithms, robotics, the internet of things, online advertising and cryptography. As an extension to this, we advise these organisations on issues relating to employment market policy, tax, competition regulations, consumer protection and dealing with trade unions.

A great deal of legislation and regulation in the digital economy has been lagging behind the rapid digital developments and innovations of recent years. Policy development and new legislation in these spheres are progressing briskly. This provides opportunities, but also threats, for players in the digital economy. IvCB actively supports the influencing of policy development, policy-making and the positioning of organisations in the political and administrative areas of the Netherlands. We can help you set up a support base for realising your plans, so that your business activities, including potential activities, can be exploited optimally. The legal framework would not be restrictive but should in fact provide opportunities.

Just having a correct story with the right content is not sufficient for achieving an optimum result. Not having the right timing for bringing your message to light, knowledge of political processes and procedures, a feel for the environment and an effective network in The Hague will severely limit the chance of success. IvCB will make sure you have friends before you need them. We provide insight into your stakeholders’ interests and objectives and know how to build bridges for creating a support base for realising your plans. The professionals at IvCB Digital Economy have a close-knit administrative and political network, as well as years of experience in promoting diverse public interests at EU, national, regional and local levels.

As a Gold Affiliate partner of FTI Consulting, we have an influential network in places including Berlin, Brussels, Frankfurt, London, Paris and Washington. This means that we have information and best practices from other markets available, and if necessary can also upscale on an international level.

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Zeestraat 66A
2518 AC Den Haag
Tel: +31 (0)70 – 406 97 77

IvCB is an independent firm and is not part of the FTI Consulting Group of companies. FTI Consulting is not responsible for the acts and omissions of IvCB.

IvCB is an independent firm and is not part of the FTI Consulting Group of companies. FTI Consulting is not responsible for the acts and omissions of IvCB.

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