Public Affairs & strategic communications agency

IvCB specialises in Public Affairs, stakeholder management, strategic communications and Public Strategy.

About IvCB

IvCB was founded in 2008 by Kevin Zuidhof, former VP of Corporate Communications at Royal KPN and chairman of the Professional Association of Public Affairs (BVPA), with the conviction that organisations could realise greater returns through public affairs and stakeholder management. Furthermore, he wanted to take advantage of the needs of a large number of organisations for advice about public strategy at strategic level.

IvCB specialises in public affairs, stakeholder management and public strategy. We help our clients to engage in constructive dialogues with government, politicians, society and journalists in order to realise their objectives. In realising this, we ensure the effective management  of your interests with long-term stakeholder relations based on trust while aiming to strengthen your position and to improve your reputation. With extensive experience in public affairs and stakeholder management, thorough industry expertise and trust from both clients and our wide network of stakeholders, we understand your issues and are able to help you achieving your goals. Our collaboration with FTI Consulting as a Gold Affiliate partner gives us access to a strong international network that includes major business hubs as Brussels, London, Berlin and New York. In Brussels we work with one of the leading public affairs agencies. IvCB is located in the centre of The Hague, close to parliament and the ministries.

IvCB supports many international companies to access the Dutch market or strengthen their position in the Netherlands.

All the staff at IvCB are members of the Professional Association of Public Affairs (BVPA), and perform their work in accordance with the BVPA code of conduct. IvCB is a Certified Consulting Agency.

We build too many walls and not enough bridges – Isaac Newton

What we offer

  • We anticipate, understand and influence risks, opportunities, and upcoming changes for our clients in the area of public affairs and public strategy.
  • We provide strategies that work. When desired, we execute the right actions to obtain the desired results.
  • We influence towards positive policy outcomes, by positioning organisations as player in the decision making process, building networks and partnerships, shifting perceptions amongst key stakehoders and activating third party advocates.
  • We provide insight. We highlight impact and consequences of policy proposals and political developments. We provide network-based intelligence, issue maps outlining positions and impact assesments. We identify redlines, compromise areas and highlight potential opportunities.
  • We are the trusted advisers of our clients. We continually keep our clients informed about important developments, meet with them on a regular basis and set next steps.
  • We provide clear recommendations. We operate on the basis of well-structured action lists, that give clear insight into the status of ongoing activities and the results achieved.
  • We strongly believe in personal integrity and professionalism. We believe in achieving sustainable results by means of mutual gains. We are transparent about the organisations we work for and support the code of conduct of the Professional Association of Public Affairs (BVPA).

Our core values & business principles

IvCB’s core values and business principles govern how IvCB conducts its affairs and provides a point of reference for the way we operate and behave.

The objectives of IvCB and our shared core values are the following:

  • We are judged by how we act. Therefore, we conduct our business with the highest standards of professional behavior, integrity and ethics;
  • We protect the trust that others have placed in us and preserve their confidentiality;
  • We always are transparent about who we are, what we do and who’s interest we represent-;
  • We avoid any assumption or appearance of conflict of interest;
  • We respect and are committed to safeguarding the confidentiality, data privacy and security of information that our customers have entrusted;
  • We are safeguarding the accuracy of the information provided to our stakeholders;
  • We will always obey the law;
  • We treat [each] other [s] with respect and dignity;
  • We are honest, open, ethical, and fair;
  • We demonstrate respect for each other, clients, politicians, civil servants, business partners and their shareholders.

Our team

Kevin Zuidhof

Joep Kievits

Kees van Oosten

Fons Cazius

Lillian Bennink

Diederick van Rhijn

Patrick de Leede

Ryan van Osch

Colin Tibben

IvCB’s vision

Successful organisations are at the heart of society. There is a demand for interaction, not merely by establishing a point of view, but primarily by listening to the other party and understanding what they want and need. This helps in preparing effective messages, which contribute to creating sociatal support and to achieving objectives.

This requires a focus on social compliance and a view that is aimed not only at one’s own interests, but also takes into account the interests of decision-makers and opponents, and considers influencers, civil society, the media and other relevant stakeholders.

The time in which organisations could just claim legal compliance is behind us. It’s no longer just about questions such as ‘Do we comply with the certification?’ and ‘Are we operating in accordance with legislation and regulations’? Social compliance is becoming more important; the criteria imposed by society increasingly determine how much room an organisation gets. Understanding and meeting those criteria means that an organisation connects with its stakeholders and has a license to operate at the present time and in the future.

We believe in connecting with the interests of important stakeholders, because convincing another party of one’s own point of view often doesn’t work. A point of view can therefore be compared to the top of an iceberg: the more substantial part, in this case the underlying interests, standards and values, is hidden from view. By connecting with these interests and values, as well as building stable relationships with partners and forming coalitions, we create long-term support for your organisation and your objectives.

Clients of IvCB

At IvCB, we work for a variety of clients operating in diverse industries. We have dedicated knowledge and experience in the health & life sciences industry, financial industry, mobility sector, real estate sector, chemical industry, technology industry and on sustainability and spatial planning. Stock listed multinationals, governments and trade organisations are amongst our clients, just like ambitious companies that challenge the market and NGO’s that are aiming to improve the world.

Partners of IvCB

Our focus is our strength. We remain focused on public affairs, stakeholder management, strategic communications and public strategy. For legal support in the life & health sciences industry our clients can rely on our partnership with LEXSIGMA laywers and legal advisors . For search and selection of public affairs professionals and executives we work together with Nassau Group. Together with them we established the Nassau PA Selection label. Our collaboration with a leading pan-European and global consultancy and strategic communications agency gives us access to a strong international network that includes major business hubs as Brussels, London, Berlin and New York. In Brussels we work with one of the leading public affairs agencies.


Every employee at IvCB is member of the Professional Association for Public Affairs (BVPA). We set great store to vocational training, professionalism and integrity. We are a member of CSR Netherlands, the Centre of Excellence for Dutch companies that are striving towards corporate social responsibility. IvCB is member of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands, a non-profit, non-governmental, non-political, voluntary organization of companies and individuals who invest in and trade between the United States of America and the Netherlands, as well as the German-Dutch Chamber of Commerce.